Webcam Munduk Village live Live Stream

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Watch Munduk, Bali and take in some Beautiful Tropical Views

Munduk Village is a rural village located in the mountainous Highland region of central Bali. The region is famed for some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the whole of Indonesia, if not the entire continent. Munduk Village may look like a normal traditional village, but its secret sun viewing points located on each side makes it that little bit more special.  Often seen as the place to go to escape the heat of the land below, Munduk offers a cooler climate surrounded by lush, green rainforests and views toward the northern coastline. 

If you want to sit back and escape the normal routines of your everyday life, then the live earthTV webcam, which is located at the Ngiring Ngewedang Restaurant & Bar offers you unprecedented views of the towering mountains, lush tropical flora and fauna, and a glimpse into the heart of paradise. The Ngiring Ngewedang Restaurant & Bar live webcam gives you a glimpse of some of the most astounding landmarks in the area, including the Munduk Village, The Munduk waterfall, the Golden Valley Waterfalls, Lake Tamblingan, and Melanting Waterfall. 

As you can see from above, the area is steeped in natural beauty and takes you into a remote yet breathtaking location in the Pacific region. Watch from above the clouds as the sun slowly sets and see why it is seen as the best place to view a true golden sunset.  The Munduk waterfall is popular with both tourists and locals due to its amazing height and the cooling effect it has on the air. Watch as the water continuously cascades over the mountain's edge and take in the sights of the local wildlife.

Enjoy Spectacular Natural Views Of The Tropics 24/7

The earthTV webcam at the Ngiring Ngewedang Restaurant & Bar is located high above the valleys below, this gives you a chance to take in the views below, which are sometimes hard to reach by foot. Gain a view of the Munduk Village, which is located almost 1200 meters above sea level and has a population of just 6000 people. It is believed that the villagers settled in the area around 300 years ago from across the mountains. 

The village is home to 3 different waterfalls, each of which has its own unique features. The most popular of the 3 waterfalls is the Munduk Waterfall, which is located in the Buleleng region. The Melanting Waterfall can also be seen from the Ngiring Ngewedang Restaurant & Bar webcam and is the loudest of the 3 waterfalls. It is also the most difficult to reach due to the confusing maze of forest paths you have to take to reach it. You will also be able to see the majestic  Lake Tamblingan, which is surrounded by mountains and is home to many of Indonesia's native wildlife, such as the Sunset Lorikeet and the Wreathed Hornbill. 

If you enjoy getting back to nature and exploring some of the most stunning hidden gems in Asia, then the Ngiring Ngewedang Restaurant & Bar live webcam provides you with the perfect viewpoint to take in the very best the island has to offer. Enjoy watching nature do its thing as the waterfalls pour over the mountainsides, the tropical birds fly through the sky, and the local people go about their everyday activities. While the whole of Indonesia is breathtaking, Munduk Village rises above the island and sits above the clouds, affording you one of the most astonishing views you will ever experience, and all from the comfort of your home.