Webcam Manama City Live Stream


Experience a Spectacular Eye View of Manama via earthtv webcam

Manama is a beautiful city with numerous sites to behold and impeccable beauty that defines the city’s landscape and architecture. Those who’ve been to this magnificent city agree it’s a rich cultural and economic hub. Not many people get to travel to experience the sights and sounds of cities around the globe. However, EarthTV webcam brings Manama to where you are.

The panoramic weather cam is installed on the roof of The Wyndham Grand Manama Hotel, famous for its luxurious accommodations, upscale dining options, and spa and wellness facilities. It's a preferred choice for business travelers due to its meeting and event spaces, and its prime location in the capital city of Manama offers convenient access to key attractions and business districts.
The location of the webcam couldn’t have been any better. The central district allows you to have spectacular bird eye views of the city as the camera pans through various angles of Bahrain’s Capital. 
A panorama view ushers you to a key infrastructure facility; the Khalifa Bin Salman Port which is located in Hidd Area and a major transshipment hub for the entire Northern Gulf region that sits on 110 acres of reclaimed land. Get the perfect chance to see live images of the port and appreciate how Manama thrives as an economic hub. 
Aside from getting awesome views of different parts of the city, the webcam also helps you to pick up other useful information about Manama. For instance if you intend to travel here, webcam allows you to experience live video feeds of traffic and weather in order to help you plan your trip. By the time you visit the city, the environment will be familiar and you’ll feel like you’ve been to Manama a couple of times. 

Facts About Manama, Bahrain

With an estimated population of around 157,000 people, Manama the capital of Bahrain Kingdom is a major economic and cultural hub in the Persian Gulf. The cosmopolitan city plays a key role in the region’s economy and is also a famous destination for tourists keen on enjoying breathtaking views and learning more about the local culture. Other major attractions in Manama include 15th century Arad Fort and Shaikh Ebrahim Centre. Bahrain has other key attractions that include Qal’at al-Bahrain which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Beit Al Quran and Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve among others. 

See Live Feeds of Manama City

The earthTV webcam mounted in the District of Muharraq Governorate provides the perfect views of the city. Have a unique chance to catch an ecstatic view allowing you to see the entire city including major landmarks that can be clearly seen from the video footage. Even if you haven’t been here before, this webcam gives you a chance to see live pictures of the city regardless of your location around the world. The views at night not only allow you to see the glowing city lights and daytime views but clearly highlight turquoise waters and tall skyscrapers.