Amman Historic Center live Livestream

Amman is known as the capital and the largest city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is one of the most famous political, cultural and economic center in the Middle East and the fifth-largest city in the Arab world. The earliest settlement in Amman appeared in the 8th millennium BC, so it makes the city one of the oldest in the world. Experience the city through the earthTV cam installed in the Al Ashrafyeh district with the best Amman webcam view onto the iconic Jordan Museum and the oldest section of the ctiy.

With the livestreams, time-lapses and weather clips from this travel cam you can virtually explore some of the most famous landmarks of Amman in walking distance of the skyscrapers Jordan Gate Towers. From the Amman city center to Le Royal Hotel building and to the King Abdullah I Mosque. Take a tour to the famous Amman Citadel at National Historic Side.
You can reach Amman in 3,5 hours by plane from Doha (visit here), as well as in 5 hours by plane from Paris (find here).

The panoramic weather cam is installed in cooperation with a Jordanian private independent satellite TV channel RoyaTV