Webcam Istanbul Ortaköy Live Stream

View from Camera of Istanbul Metropolitan  Region

For art and culture lovers, HD live imagery allows you to see Istanbul Modern Sanat Muzesi which is a famous museum that depicts modern art. It is a venue for contemporary art exhibitions, film screenings and has numerous exhibition and photography halls. 

The 18th century Ortakoy Mosque is a picturesque location captured by the live cameras. The Bosphorous Bridge can be seen in the background making it a favorite spot for photographers. The mosque’s surrounding hosts some of the best restaurants and clubs in Istanbul. 

See The Bosphorous Bridge a major landmark that defines Istanbul’s architecture. This suspension bridge connects Europe to Asia and was opened in 1973. It’s 1074 meters long, 165 meters high and has 6 lanes. 

Facts about Istanbul

With a population of 14.8 million in 2016, this cosmopolitan city is a top destination for tourism, arts, culture, music and film.  Istanbul is known for excellent infrastructural developments and a vibrant harbor. The historical and commercial center lies on the European side while one third of the city’s inhabitants live on the Asian side. Constantine the Great built Istanbul which is developed on seven hills just like Rome.