Webcam Istanbul Beyazit Live Stream

View from Camera of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Istanbul is a famous city entrenched in deep history and culture. The city is Turkey’s most populous and also the country’s economic, historical and cultural headquarters. Istanbul lies in both Europe and Asia with the Bosphorus Strait separating the two continents between the Black Sea and Sea of Manama. The best way to see the amazingly beautiful sights and landmarks is via the crystal clear EarthTV cameras provided by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 

View Live HD Imagery of Istanbul via EarthTV Cameras

The Bosphorus a major waterway that is clearly visible from the cameras. It separates European Turkey from Asian Turkey and forms the continental boundary between Asia and Europe. It is 30km long and has a width of 3.7km. The shores of the Bosporus are built up with numerous wooden built villages as well as top notch resorts and villas. The waterway is busy with many ships and ferries as well as local fishing activities. 

See clear and unobstructed views of the giant stone Beyazit Tower constructed using white marble. The tower is 85m tall and is situated at the top of one of the seven hills of the city. The tower was used to help Istanbul Fire Department to spot fires as Istanbul has had serious fires throughout history that caused wide-scale disasters. From Beyazit Tower, you can clearly see the entire city including the old city neighborhoods, the Bosphorus, Princes’ Islands and Golden Horn Districts. 
Enjoy live scenic views of Topkapi Palast and catch a glimpse of largest palace in Istanbul. Built on top of a hill, you get to see amazing views of the Bosphorus Strait, Sea of Marmara and the Asian side of Istanbul. This palace is famous for its huge cannons situated just outside the gate and is dominated by numerous courtyards and buildings enclosed by different gates. 

Beyazit Square is also captured by cameras and sits between the Istanbul University and Beyazit Mosque. It’s a busy square with lots of human traffic and has hosted numerous political protests and suffered a terrorist attack in 1978.