THE WORLD LIVE is an automatically produced gap-filler program with stunning live views from around the globe. The program takes the viewer on a journey across our fascinating world and features different locations ranging from exciting bustling cities to tranquil, scenic mountains. Changing every 13 seconds the live views are matched with current weather, time, event information and more. The World Live is a unique view of life as it is actually happening.

A virtual live experience powered by earthTV

Program Highlights:
  • More than 50 different locations from all 5 continents.
  • Integrated actual weather and location information.
  • Multilingual versions.
  • Standard and customized versions.
  • Program production and delivery for broadcasting at any point of time.
  • Episode duration: 91 seconds, 7 locations in each show. Available as 24/7 program livestream.
  • Quantity: 24 episodes / day.
  • FullHD 1920x1080.
  • Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese. Any other language per request.
  • earthTV soundtrack by EarthGrooves.
  • earthTV opener and closer.

  • Smart adaptive system to keep the highest quality and live sources (cameras) variety.
  • Automatic integration of real-time weather conditions and location information.
  • Automatic integration of all possible on screen information such as stock markets data, exchange rates, flights schedule, events announcements, etc.
  • “Golden Hour” recognition – most stunning views during day and night time first.
  • Warning live content is automatically excluded.
  • Always in time program delivery.
  • Multi-level emergency system. Content delivery is 100% guaranteed.


Special - Ramadan Prayer Times
Special - Ramadan Prayer Times
What a World! - Annual Special Version (English)
What a World! - Annual Special Version (English)
The World Live - Standard (German)
The World Live - Standard (German)